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Removalist Trucks


We have 2 different modern removal trucks. Both are fully enclosed and have tie rails on the inside of the truck to tie the furniture onto to secure the load so it doesn't move during transit. Both trucks have all the neccessary equipment for completing removals including heavy duty felt padded blankets, Heavy duty ties (ropes), upright trolley, flat dolley, piano trolley, elastic moving bands, forearm straps, spare extension ramp and all the tools for disassemly and reassembly.


Big Truck

Truck one is 10.5 ton. It is 3.5 meter high and 2.5 meter wide. It has a hydraulic lift and a ramp. This truck is used for 3 - 4 bedroom houses.


Little Truck

Truck two is 4.5 ton and has a hydraulic lift. This truck is usually used for deliveries, piano moves, pool tables and houses moving select items and 1 bed room granny flats and units. This truck is a similar size as a Hertz hire trucks that you often see driving around. This truck is better for getting into tight places with limited access or parking but only holds roughly half of what the big truck holds.



We don't guarantee that any particular load will fit in either truck. These rough estimates of what we usually fit are just that, a rough estimate of what we average. Every house or office is different in terms of how they are furnished, how much furniture they have and size of furniture or how well the furniture stacks in the back of the truck.